Stuff to make it!


What do you need to make games. Well, this page shows some of the software that I am using or that I think is helpfull:

STENCYL: Game engine to produce the game. Just the right thing, to do the main stuff for a game. (LINK)

PIXLR EDITOR: You need some kind of photoshop, but don´t want to buy it. Check out, it will help. (LINK)

KORG iKAOSSILATOR: Well, you need music for your game, but you have no idea, how to make it. This is the right app for you. (LINK)

PISKEL: You need some kind of sprite editor? Check Piskel! (LINK)

CLIPPING MAGIC: Tool for cropping images (LINK)

SPRITER: Great for animation of sprites. (LINK)

Concentration Music for coding: Mike Oldfield: Songs from a distant earth