My name is Jan Hagelskamp and I am from Germany.

I do this as a kind of hobby. So maybe you can call me a bedroom coder. I tried my best with these games. If you want to give me any comment, please feel free! (At the end of the page)

Other work I do:

I produce online courses on Udemy. My first german course is: "Trello: Produktivität, Projektsteuerung und als Kanbanboard"


Photos: My commercial photos I sell on


Shirts: T-Shirts and other stuff from me on Spreadshirt.


I write Wikipedia articles under this account (13,815 edits till July 2015)

Bands I played in: Jesters for a while

FIlms I played in as an extra:

Alaska Johansson (Video)
Im Labyrinth des Schweigens (Kino-Trailer)
Sieben Tage
Lerchenberg (Trailer)
Sechzehneichen (Trailer)
Der Mann auf der Brücke
...and more


Organizations I support: